• Theory: Back To My Mac is going away because without a Bonjour sleep proxy, you can’t wake up your home computer remotely. And without an AirPort Extreme you don’t have a Bonjour sleep proxy. So the death of the AirPort means BtMM doesn’t work well.

  • My team at Twitch currently has a few job openings if anyone is interested.

    Android Engineer
    iOS Engineer
    Mobile Release & Automation Engineer
    Mobile Engineering Manager

  • I’m considering installing the iOS 12 beta as I’ve heard it’s pretty good. Has anyone using it hit a significant 3rd-party incompatibility yet that warrants skipping this beta?

  • Apple Maps routing has been down for almost 3 hours now. Of course this happens when we’re driving to L.A.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Maps be down like this before (at least not when I’m trying to use it). And I’m also surprised it’s taking this long to recover.

  • Does anyone have a spare (non-flag, non-California) WWDC pin? I only have one on my bag and I need a second to balance it out.

    (also, why isn’t there an Xcode pin? That would be such a great pin)

  • Does anyone at WWDC have the Dogcow pin and are willing to swap? I really need it for Jane but wasn’t lucky enough to have it in my bag.

  • Discovered a Cuban sandwich shop a block away from the convention center called Cubamex and it’s really delicious. If you’re attending WWDC I recommend checking it out.

  • Actually attending WWDC this year. If you see me in the halls, say hi!

  • Miscellaneous thoughts about Messages in iCloud

    A couple of random thoughts about Messages in iCloud:

    • People are saying this is less secure because a backup key is stored in your iCloud backup as Apple can get at your Messages if compelled with a subpoena. But if you have iCloud backup enabled, can’t they do that anyway, as the Messages SQLite database is part of the backup?
    • The other accusation I’ve seen is that Messages in iCloud will increase your iCloud data usage and therefore is a good way to encourage people to buy storage. But this isn’t really true, is it? The messages stored in iCloud would otherwise have ended up in your iCloud backup instead. So if you have multiple iOS devices this could actually reduce your iCloud usage. The only reason it should increase it is if you import a long message history from a Mac (which I actually did, go figure).
  • Oh and @donaldglover did a fantastic job as a young @realbdw (Billy Dee Williams). Disney should do a “Lando: A Star Wars Story” movie next (taking place earlier so we still have the amazing L3).

  • Saw Solo yesterday. The movie wasn’t perfect (and was awfully white), but it was a lot better than the media has been portraying it. It’s at least worth renting on AppleTV.

  • The brand new 1Password Mini is amazing. I was kind of discouraged during the 1Password 7 Betas at how, well, crappy the appearance of the 1Password Mini was, but it turns out that was because it didn’t matter as they were replacing it.

    I especially love how, finally, 1Password Mini will suggest logins for native apps.

  • Ah, the info comes from a group of European researchers, so I guess they timed the announcement for Monday morning in Europe.

  • The EFF says that a new security vulnerability has been discovered in PGP (and GPG) that affects email clients and plugins, and that you should disable PGP support in your email client (if enabled).

    Why they’re announcing this after 11PM PDT on a Sunday night, I have no idea.

  • If you’re curious what Apple’s build server destroots look like, run

    echo 'puts [::tcl::pkgconfig get libdir,install]' | tclsh

    On macOS 10.13 that spits out a long path starting with /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Binaries/tcl/install/TempContent/Objects/OBJROOT1/.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC!

  • FOX just cancelled the best show on TV. I really hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages to get picked up by another network or streaming service.

  • Bonjour Browser 2.0 is now available on the Mac App Store. Due to Apple owning the trademark on Bonjour its new name is Discovery - DNS-SD Browser (this matches the iOS app).

  • I misread something tonight and came up with a phrase never before seen on the internet: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elvis.

  • Apparently you can’t have a Mac app and an iOS app with the same bundle ID. The Apple developer program center won’t let you register both. This is a surprising restriction and I can’t think of a reason for it.

  • Has anybody figured out if it’s possible to trigger custom Xcode Runtime Errors in your own code?

  • Trying to decide if Bonjour Browser 2.0 should keep the name “Bonjour Browser”, or if I should rename it similar to the iOS version in order to put it on the MAS (since Apple will never approve “Bonjour Browser” for the MAS).

  • The real measurement for my weight loss is the number of links I’ve taken off of my Apple Watch link bracelet.

  • Really bummed to hear the news about the Black Pixel layoffs. Best wishes to everyone now looking for a new job!

  • The original Bonjour Browser used a program written in Haskell to scrape the dns-sd.org service type registry (to get those human-readable service names).

    The iOS version rewrote that in Go.

    For the new Mac version I’ve now rewritten it once again in Rust, partially because I don’t want to depend on Go (as I don’t use it anymore), and partially just as an excuse to try out hyper and tokio.

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